“Humans easily learn and remember more subject matter when studied repetitively over long periods of time (spaced learning events), rather than studied once or repeatedly in short periods of time.” — Hermann Ebbinghaus

Prepared EmployeesTM Knowledge & Tools Library

Knowledge & Tools Transfer SystemsTM

Job Specific Pre and Post Assessments for Immediate Retention Measurement
Efficiently Embed Full Length Videos, Stillshots, Procedures and Work Instructions
Easily Customizable Training Content Creator
Employee Specific and Whole Department Personalized Curriculum Libraries
Easy to Follow Course Scheduling and Status
Real-Time Scheduling, Trainee Assessments, Mgmt. Monitoring and Analytics Reporting
Real-Time Interactive Trainee and Manager Communications and Feedback
Real-Time Employee Specific Career Path Performance Tracking, Certification and Planning

Virtual-Interactive Training Courses

Effective Use of Cascading Performance Metrics and Data
Synchronizing the P&L to Operational Health Indicators
Effective Utilization of the Total Cost of Poor Quality Warranty & Delivery Calculator
Problem Solving Through Elimination Process™ (P-STEP™) (Highly Effective Problem Solving for All Organizational Positions)
Problem Solving Through Elimination Process™ (P-STEP™) (Supply Chain Warranty Improvement)
Work Standardization & Elimination of 8 Forms of Waste
Maintenance Essentials for Increased OEE%
Product Development and Operational Process Development
A Pragmatic Path to Successful Program Management
Effective Supplier Scheduling & Inventory Management

Video Training Retention Courses

Human Resource Compliance
EH&S Work Place Safety Compliance
Information Technology
Cyber Security
Leadership & Management
Business Skills
Sales and Customer Service

Customizable Training Content Services

Co-Development or Co-Improvement of Client Training; BOK, Learning Objectives, Curriculum, Content, Assessments, Delivery System and Training Results Analytics
Screening, Interviewing & Onboarding with Positional Job Detailing™ (PJD)
Organizational Rightsizing & Human Resource Leveling™ (HRL)
Entire Supply Chain Training and Monitoring
Pulse Learning™
Rooted Learning™

Virtual-Interactive Video Training

Position Specific Skilled Worker Video Training
Interactive Live Online Training
Job Specific Repeatability Video Training

Virtual-Interactive Video Training Sample Videos

Leadership – What’s Trust Got to Do with It?
Introduction to Performance Excellence
Interviewing Series – Psychology of the Hiring Process

Definition of Knowledge & Tools Transfer SystemsTM

Categories of Learning:

  • Pulse LearningTM: Courses 5 min to 3 hours broken down into several short modules
  • Rooted LearningTM: Courses > 3 hours, deeper content and broken down into several modules on a customer defined and managed schedule
  • Online Interactive Learning: Live instructor lead training, various content, broken down into several modules on a customer defined and managed schedule
  • At Client Facility: Live instructor lead training, various content, 1 to 5 full 8-hour days on a specified mutually agreed upon schedule
  • Client Customized Training: GECBTS performs co-develop and co-improvement of client specific training that can be applied to any of the 4 categories above.

Typical Forgetting Curve for Newly Learned Information

The Key to Effective Employee Learning is a Blend of Pulse LearningTM and Rooted LearningTM

New Generations of Employees Require New Methods of Knowledge Transfer for Highest Retention and Performance

Current Learners
Virtual-Interactive Courses
Participating Countries

Our Knowledge & Tools Transfer SystemsTM, Virtual-Interactive Training Courses and Customizable Training Content Services focuses improving the skills and qualifications of employees in targeted organizational positions and for whole departments.

Our uniquely designed knowledge transfer sustenance tools ensure knowledge retention and application is maintained and sustained for months and years.

The return on GECBTS’ Prepared EmployeesTM Training can be measured in days and weeks following training.

Employees taking our training will realize performance improvements measured directly to individual, department and whole company objective performance targets.

Utilizing the latest version of browser services; Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Fire Fox. Our Knowledge & Tools Transfer Systems™ can be accessed on a mobile phone, tablet, desktop and laptop on any of the most popular operating systems;

Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux anywhere in the world.

Our software systems have a guaranteed 99.992% uptime, hosted by Amazon on their native cloud service; Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Simple Storage Service (S3).

Our software is backed by a 128-bit TSL V1 encryption and performs automatic backup and recovery daily in case of an emergency or disaster.

Upgrading is hands free and we release updates on a regular basis that does not impact learning usage.

To insure your data is secure we perform annual security audits executed by our approved 3rd party firms.