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GECBTS’ Knowledge Transfer Library includes:

  • 864 Leadership & Management Compliance training courses.

  • The Pulse Training™ course package is segmented into 240-minute multi video training course package, segmented into 5 min single video training modules, with knowledge retention tools and assessment included.

Our Leadership & Management Training Courses are priced to provide a return on training investment that can be measured in just days and weeks after purchase. 

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Just a few managers taking GECBTS’ highly effective training courses, could create awareness and behavior shift in employee culture that could have the following positive effects…

  • Reduction in costs of employee turnover – these costs are far reaching, negatively effecting a variety of departmental budgets. 
    • 50% of the 7,200 employees surveyed stated, the left a job to get away from their manager.” The survey found that workers feel like they’re given little guidance for understanding what’s expected of them and therefore feel absent of a clear career path.

Source: 2015 Gallup Poll

  • More engaged employees, who communicate effectively, achieve goals and exceed measurable performance metrics – this is the performance that reflects positively on the leader-manager, providing opportunity for raise and promotion.

Source: 2015 Gallup Poll

  • Higher profitability, with a measured return on manager / employee relationship training investment.
    • Disengaged employees cost organizations between $450 and $550 billion annually 
    • Disengaged workers cause massive losses in productivity – between $450 and $500 billion a year. Source: Mental Health America
    • About 70% of Americans are misled at work, resulting in high losses in productivity.

Source: Gallup Poll

    • 16% of employees surveyed said they felt “connected and engaged” by employers.

Source: Gallup Poll

Source: Forbes 2017

Pay Attention and Listen!
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Welcome to the Pay Attention and Listen video training course. This course teaches managers and supervisors an eight-step process on how to truly pay attention and contextually listen to their employees — or anyone they’d like to better communicate with, on their way to becoming a successful leader.

85% of company executives admit its important to develop leaders at all organizational levels, yet only 5% have fully implemented a sustainable leadership training program at all levels.

Source: B. Hall’s State of Leadership 2015

  • Methods for practicing listening in context, so you can lead-coach your employees through the gap.
  • Understanding of how true leadership starts with listening and validating what was heard.
  • How genuinely listening will help a leader and manager understand barriers to reaching goals.
  • All Organizational Positions Having Personnel Reporting to Them Should Attend