“Human Bodies and Businesses are Both Living and Breathing Organisms, Whose Systems Must Work in Synchronization and Whose DNA Must Evolve to Survive”

“Greatness is Not a Final Destination it is Continuous Process”

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Emergency Business Transformation Services

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Project Based Transformation Services

Michigan Business Transformation Consultant

Typical Business Systemic & Personnel Shortfalls
Targeted Areas of Improvement for Business Transformation Specialists

  • Dysfunctional Organizational Structure
  • Job Detail for Employees Not Defined
  • Skills and Qualifications Underdeveloped
  • No Employee Measurement of Training Competency
  • New Employee Onboarding Ineffective
  • Procedures and Process Flows Inaccurate or Misaligned to Positional Job Details
  • Poor EH&S Metrics – Expensive OSHA Fines
  • Cost of Goods Over Budget
  • Scrap, Sorting and Rework Costs Too High
  • Customer Score Cards Too Low
  • Set Ups are Too Long and Inconsistent
  • Program Management and New Launch System Ineffective
  • Supply Chain Ineffective
  • Lack of Industry, Customer, Product and Services Diversification
  • Low Margins and Poor Cash Flow
  • Customer Returns Too High
  • Freight Costs Too High
  • Underutilization of Company Software (ERP/MRP/Other)
  • Real-Time Data is Unavailable, Inaccurate or Untimely
  • Positional Performance Metrics Not Aligned to Company Key Targeted Metrics
  • Unplanned Downtime Too High – Reactive Maintenance Systems
  • Lack of Process Capability
  • Lack of Pragmatic Problem-Solving Skills Across Organization
  • Employee Turnover Too High
  • No Value of FMEA Risk Priority Reduction and Error-Proofing is Underutilized
  • Large Inventory Variances
  • Lack of Work Standardization
  • Direct and Indirect Labor Costs Too High as Percentage of Production Sales Produced
  • Scheduling Inaccurate Resulting in Over/Under Production
  • Scrap Rates Too High
  • Misunderstanding of Overhead Allocation
  • Warranty Costs Too High
  • PPAP’s Rejected
  • 8D’s and A-3’s are Poorly Defined

Business Transformation Specialists Transformation Services

  • Level 1 – Company Policy Aligned with industry certifications and regulations

  • Level 1 – Industry/ Government Regulation Policy Compliance
  • Level 2 – Process Mapping Procedures
  • Level 3 – Work/ Inspection

  • Level 4 – Forms/Documents/Records

  • Employee User Friendly
  • Management User Friendly
  • Correlated to Employee Actions
  • Continuos Loop Updates
  • ERP System Integration

Michigan Business Transformation Consultant

  • Org. Structure Alignment
  • Clear Deliverables for Job Tasks
  • Clear Internal and External Customer Definition
  • Job Detailing Aligned to Process Maps and Procedures
  • Skills and Qualifications Aligned to Positional Responsibilities
  • Performance Metrics Correlated to KOI/KFM Targets for Self Accountability
  • LPA’s for Systemic Sustenance
  • Real-Time Data Connection
  • Operational to Financial Improvements

GEC-Business Transformation Specialists keeps our staff educated and informed on the latest in the Industrial Internet of Things – Industry 4.0. GEC-BTS meets regularly with the Operational Executives at major OEMs co-evaluating the latest technologies for real-time data management at the source of origin, for the improvement of product/process capability and for the purpose of validating the latest technologies for maximium throughput at the best labor costs.

We specialize at ensuring our clients are on the leading edge of technology and guide them toward obtaining and utilization of accurate and timely real-time data for immediate reaction and predicitive planning. We also work with our clients to design, validate and install/retrofit equipment, tooling and processes with the latest technologies to maximize customer satisfaction and ROI.

Michigan Business Transformation Consultant

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