Just one employee taking our highly effective training courses, creates awareness and behavior shift that otherwise could result in tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity from lack of software knowledge. 

GECBTS’ Knowledge Transfer Library includes:

  • 2,397 Software training courses

  • The Pulse Training™ course package is segmented into 440 min multi video training course package, segmented into 5 min single video training modules, with knowledge retention tools and assessment included.

Our Software Training Courses are priced to provide a return on training investment that can be measured in just days and weeks after purchase. 

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Mastering Microsoft Teams

Targeted Learning Reinforcement Assessments Included

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Teams is Microsoft’s fastest growing product EVER, now in use by 87 of the Fortune 100 companies and over 320,000 organizations around the world. Mastering Microsoft Teams is the most comprehensive Teams training available, including 3 training courses devoted specifically to best practices with Microsoft Teams.

  • Working with Files
  • Adding Apps to Channels
  • Understanding Connectors
  • What Goes on Behind the Scenes
  • The Teams Interface
  • Working with Teams
  • Bank robber demographics
  • Conversations and Notifications
  • Using Channels, Chats and Chatbots
  • Calls and Meetings

All organizational positions should attend.