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Just one employee taking our highly effective training courses, creates awareness and behavior shift that could otherwise result in millions of dollars in losses resulting from a poor Cyber Security system. Our Cyber Security Training Courses are priced to provide a return on training investment that can be measured in just days and weeks after purchase.

GECBTS’ Knowledge Transfer Library includes:

  • 67 Cyber Security Training Courses

  • The Pulse TrainingTM course package is segmented into a 70 minute multi video training course package, segmented into 5 minute single video training modules, with knowledge retention tools and assessment included.

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Creating a Security Policy for Your Business

Targeted Learning Reinforcement Assessments Included

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When you conduct business online, you need security policies, procedures, work standards and regularly scheduled assessments to keep your files protected from theft. Additionally, a robust Cyber Security System is key to protecting your company assets from the vulnerability of a cyber-attack.

Our Cyber Security Performance series, includes > 67 training modules that will guide you and your team toward building a robust and sustainable security system.

This video gives you tips on how to create a Cyber Security policy that everyone can follow and a policy that is easy to enforce.

What is the measurable impact on companies having less than adequate security systems?

$2.7 million spent by the City of Atlanta to repair damage from ransomware attack.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper

The Ramnit Botnet infected 100,000 in just two months.

Source: Check Point Research, Ramnit’s Network of Proxy Servers

  • Security Policies and Procedures
  • How vulnerability assessments should be an integral component of an effective security program
  • IT Systems Administrator
  • Network Administrator