Project Type

Project Name

1st Year Savings

Warranty Eliminate shifter knob adhesion failures $167,000
Campaign Eliminate seat belt ratchet fail to lock $30,000,000
Campaign Seat Belt inertia lock failure mitigation $17,000,000
Training Implementation of OEM internal engineering training system Confidential
Training Implementation of OEM supplier quality system training Confidential
Service Improved call center – call resolution time by 27% (improving productivity) Confidential
Warranty Develop effective prob. solv. process $2,000,000
OEE Improvements Cam bearing equip improvements Confidential
Continuous Improvement Eliminated bumper energy absorption voids $610,000
Supplier Management Scorecard improvement initiative Confidential
Industry 4.0 Real-time data collection syncronized to equipment, tooling and monitoring system Confidential
Service Improved First-Time job completion rate by 65% through VSM work optimization Confidential
Launch Improved seat assembly fail to achieve torque $444,000
Warranty Eliminated headlamp cracking/moisture $400,000
Continuous Improvement Injection molding process optimization $357,000
Training APQP and Prog. Mgt. new product implementation  Confidential
Launch HVAC blower noise reduction $175,000
Service Improved renewable energy site service efficiency through implementation of standardized work Confidential
Launch Steering shaft binding/noise reduction $575,000
Mistake Proofing Upgraded robotic equipment and reduced high RPN values $1,800,000
Warranty Sunroof flushness to roof $100,000
Training PPAP accuracy and timeliness improvements Confidential
IT/ERP Linked financial and operational metrics to real-time data utilization and reporting Confidential
Campaign Corvette sunroof de-lamination elimination $1,145,000
Campaign Fuel tank de-lamination elimination $3,000,000
OEE Improvements Improved casting and forging voids $1,200,000
OEM Asm. Plant Eliminated door glass binding $50,000
Warranty Eliminated mirror switch malfunction $225,000
OEE Improvements Improved rotor and stator generator throughput and quality Confidential
Tooling Transfer Transferred 67 tools in 5 countries Confidential
Validation Eliminated seat belt web payout failure Confidential
Validation Improved body side molding adhesion $105,000
Validation Reduced SMC hood cracking $120,000
OEE Improvements Implemented Spare Parts criticality system improved unplanned downtime $670,000
OEE Improvements Improved wire and cable throughput Confidential
Mistake Proofing Implemented electronically sensored tooling to reduce scrap $2,100,000
Warranty Improved door beltline seal capacity $3,300,000
Service Implemented quick reference trouble shooting guides to reduce problem resolution time and improve quality $550,000
Warranty Improved design and mfg. process of seat belt Center of Gravity mechanism $67,020,000
Launch BCM connection failures eliminated Confidential
Launch Seat back fail to clamp redesign $57,000
Training DFMEA/PFMEA/CP implementation and system connection improvements Confidential
Lean Mfg Casting machining optimization $745,000
Supplier Development Develop new coating technology to PPAP Confidential
Warranty Glass run channel gapping reduction $3,008,000
Warranty Resolved fuel connector cracking $7,500,000
Warranty Parking brake wont set improvements $320,000
Warranty Improved molded door panel warp $375,000
Warranty Reduced Windshield cracking $406,000
Warranty Eliminated visor mirror switch failure $210,000
IT/ERP Transitioned from manual data collection to scanner and equipment auto-collection system Confidential
Warranty Improved power steering pump FTQ $279,000
Lean Mfg Production scheduling optimization $857,000
Mfg. Plant Improved drilling operation out of alignment scrap Confidential
Mfg. Plant Eliminated T-Bar hole too large scrap Confidential
Mfg. Plant Improved scrap – poor bobbin retention Confidential
Mfg. Plant Yoke housing damage $100,000
Business Transfer Facilitated on-time PPAP transfer of 145 tools Confidential
Suppy Chain Mgt Implemented scrap reduction initiative $2,400,000
Validation Improved label retention (FMVSS) $100,000
Launch Airbag symmetry visual gap improvement $67,000
Lean Mfg Improved constraint/productivity-VSM analysis for frt. row seating $822,000
Warranty ABS circuit board failure elimination $312,000
Validation Eliminated airbag testing equipment failures Confidential
Asm. Plant Reduced bumper install installation sequencing time $110,000
Mfg. Plant Improved powertrain main shaft OD scrap $147,000
Mfg. Plant Improved power steering casting machining scrap $89,000
Mfg. Plant Front rotor flatness scrap reduction $289,000
Warranty ABS valve FTQ improvements $1,450,000
Training Implemented an effective problem resolution process Confidential
Validation Brake deceleration fluctuation reduction $225,000
Mfg. Plant Improved wave solder failures $172,000
Warranty Pressure sensor failure elimination $348,000
OEM Launch Improved power steering noise $480,000
Warranty Drastically improved door lock freeze (across models) $2,000,000
Training Implemented MSA & SPC to improve product & process capability Confidential
Mfg Plant Eliminate airbag canister leaks $225,000
OEE Improvements Stamping mistake proofing processing improvements $450,00
Warranty Eliminate mirror switch failure $316,000
Validation Eliminate OEM mirror switch testing failure $145,000
Warranty Airbag wiring failure elimination Confidential
Warranty Airbag canister leak tester failure elimination Confidential
Warranty HVAC control malfunction scrap elimination $166,000
Warranty Reduction in keypad failures $48,000
Warranty Eliminate brake caliper testing leak $406,000
Validation Steering gear angularity failure reduction Confidential
Mfg. Plant Improve brake drum machining scrap Confidential
Warranty Random door locking software “glitch” elimination $710,000
Asm. Plant Reduced suspension bushing assembly scrap $100,000
Asm. Plant Reduced caliper equipment assembly scrap $486,000
Launch Eliminated front headlamp assembly scrap $188,000
Warranty Headlamp water intrusion assembly scrap elimination $896,000
Warranty Reduction of rear seat frame rusting $92,000
Mfg. Plant Reduction of powertrain housing component machining scrap $2,700,000
Mfg. Plant Injection molding scrap elimination through DOE optimization $1,100,000

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